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The Advantages of the Forex Over the Stocks

Investing in the stock market has always been widely regarded as a good investment vehicle but the investing in the forex is catching up as seen by the forex market's growth and burgeoning number of investors and traders.

This increasing appeal of the forex market to traders and investors started when it opened its doors to small players such as individual traders as the forex was, in earlier times, an exclusive market for gargantuan players such as banks and corporations. Now, anyone who has the means can enter and trade currencies in the foreign exchange market.

So what are advantages of the forex over its main financial market rival, the stock market?

Foremost are the bigger potential returns that traders can receive from their investments. A lsight fluctuation in the currency exchange market has the potential to make one profit much given that one traded the right currencies.

Another big reason why many traders prefer the foreign exchange market over the stock market is the larger leverage allowed in the currency exchange market. A currency trader with a measly ten grand can leverage for as much as $100,000 making the potential return for the measly ten grand of the trader even greater.

The foreign exchange market is also better than the stock market if one is to compare the two's trading schedules. Unlike the stock market, the forex does not sleep. As the foreign exchange market is a financial market that encompasses the whole globe, there will always be a currency market somewhere that is open for anyone to trade in.

Short-selling is non-issue in the foreign exchange, something that is very much different from other financial markets particularly the stock market as such markets impose heavy restriction upon short-sellers. This makes the foreign exchange market to have no structural bias as every currency trader has equal access to the market regardless whether it is rising or falling.

As much as short-selling is a non-issue, so are commissions from middle-men non-existent in the foreign exchange market. With traders free from commissions and other such fees, they will have more money to invest and profit from.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the foreign exchange market over the stock market is the lesser intensity of time and effort one has to put into currency trading as trading in the forex only involves monitoring the top currencies which number only 34 at the most. In the stock market, one has to focus upon stocks numbering in the hundreds to be in the know as to what stock are profitable and what stocks are to avoid.

Traders and investors should be aware of these advantages of the forex over other financial markets such as the stock market so as to have an informed choice as to which is the most profitable for them to put their money into.